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SOLID WOOD PANELS: how to choose the right supplier

  The wood panels is one of the most popular materials for producing furniture, decor, and DIY projects. Especially now, when prices for pressed wood waste boards have equaled solid wood panels. In this article,...

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Loft style tables


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A new stage in the production of wood pellets

“COMPANY INTER-LIS Ltd.” has been successfully producing 8mm oak pellets for several years, supplying it to both local and foreign customers. At the end of 2020, the company began production of pellets of a new...

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High-quality Oak fuel pellets

The heating season is here Order high-quality wood pellets for heating, power generation, or cooking purposes. Our pellets are made from oak sawdust without any additives. Diameter:6 and 8mm Ash content: 0,43% Heat of combustion:...

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